How to buy

You will certainly find the art object you are looking for among the many annual sales organized by CMOOA. The various categories presented allow to meet the different main interests. The quality of the lots suggested (paintings, furniture, statues, numismatics, silverware, ceramic wares, books, watchmaking, etc) is the guarantee of your satisfaction.

The upcoming sales are indicated in our news section and the lots put up for sale are described in our catalogue which can be consulted and downloaded online. 

For any customized information about our sales, please contact Mister Farid Ghazaoui either by email (by specifying your main interests) or by phone (00 212 522 26 10 48 or 00 212 661 19 00 22). You will thereby be informed of the next sale which will present the items you are looking for.

Making a bid

Before making a bid, we thank you for kindly acquainting yourself with the general terms of sale formulated in the catalogue.

You may  bid :

  • On site, during the sale.
  • By sending us an «  order to buy   »  : this order is entrusted to one of our experts, which will be in charge of bidding on your behalf, within the limit you have set to us and looking after your interests at best. This auction is reported as a « table order » by our expert in session during the sale.
  • By phone, during the sale, after filling the appropriate form including your contact and bank details. Please give us whenever possible a set line phone number so as your auction takes place within the bests conditions. The CMOOA collaborators will contact you two or three lots before the one you are interested in.

Any new bidder must contact CMOOA beforehand either by phone (00 212 522 26 10 48) or by email  in order to register within our services as a purchaser during the sale.

The CMOOA fees

Besides the auction price or « hammer price », the following disgressive costs per lot apply:

  • Up to 1 500 000 Dh : 17 % + TVA that is 20,4 % TTC
  • From 1 500 000 to 3 000 000 Dh : 16 % + TVA that is 19,2 % TTC
  • Beyond 3 000 000 Dh : 15 % + TVA that is 18 % TTC

Getting your purchases

To get your puchases as soon as possible, please leave your instructions, either to have them available at the CMOOA or have them shipped.

The shipping is carried out for free unless otherwise required by specific terms. Please refer to the General Terms of Sale.

our contact information and opening hours 

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