How to sell

The many annual sales organized by the CMOOA will certainly give you the opportunity to deposit your paintings or any other art item that may be of interest to our increasingly numerous public of amateurs. Knowing the date of the next sale will allow you to contact us at the soonest in order to make sure your good will be included in the sale catalogue which is finalised four weeks before the sale.

estimating your items

To have your art objects estimated, you are given several possibilities:

  • Sending your PHOTOS by email to Mr Farid Ghazaoui or by post: 5, rue Essanaani - Quartier Bourgogne - Casablanca 20 000), including all the information you have relating to the item (signature, dimensions, date, technique, conservation state, medium, etc.). These estimates provided are subject to further examination of the object.
  •  Bringing your items at the CMOOA from Monday to Saturday, from 9h am to 12h30 pm and from 2h30 pm to 6h30 pm. You will be offered a free estimate under no obligation to deposit.   
  • Setting an appointment at your place by contacting Mr Farid Ghazaoui on the number 00 212 522 26 10 48 or 00 212 661 19 00 22.

Depositing at the sale

Once the estimate is carried out, the reserve price will need to be set. It is the threshold below which you will not concede your item. This reserve price is logically included in the estimate range. You will be able to deposit your art items in our secured premises. You will be delivered a deposit agreement signed as a warranty. We would like to draw your attention again to the catalogue being finalized a month before the sale.


For every lot sold, you will be pay a digressive commission.


  • Below 1 000 000 Dh : 14 % + TVA that is 16,8 % TTC
  • From 1 000 000 Dh onwards : 12 % + TVA that is 14,4 % TTC

if you are a professional :

  • Below 1 000 000 Dh : 11 % + TVA that is 13,2 % TTC
  • From 1 000 000 Dh onwards : 9,5 % + TVA that is 11,4 % TTC


The inventory is carried out on site by the CMOOA experts who are mobile upon your request. For all inventories, a document will be provided to the objects’ owner including all its characteristics. For an inventory request, you can make an appointment with Mister Farid Ghazaoui and get a customized quotation previously.

our contact information and opening hours  

Compagnie Marocaine des Ouvres et Objets d'Art
5, rue Essanaani, Quartier Bourgogne, Casablanca

Tel. : 00 212 522 26 10 48
Fax. : 00 212 522 47 21 66
Email :



Once the deposit agreement is jointly signed between the depositor and the agent, the works are transported to Morocco through a specialized carrier.
The works deposited are then subjected to the Temporary Admission treatment.
Once the work is sold, the payment will be made in currencies.