A word from the President


Founded in December 2002, CMOOA Vente aux Enchères is the first auction house in Morocco. In spite of a Moroccan art market which was not as dynamic as it is today, the self-will and unfailing perseverance of this project’s small team has made it possible for the company to exist and believe in better days ahead.

The transparency, seriousness and credibility of our work have rapidly allowed our auction house to find its feet and launch the market dynamics in Morocco. It was necessary for our entity to develop the taste and recognition of foreign artists who lived in Morocco, and of local painters who have developed their own creations as of the 50ies, without making any particular distinction as regards the origins and historical context specific to each. In the end, Orientalist and Moroccan painters are only a tiny part of the universal history of an art that is constantly feeding on the creative genius. 

Our country has witnessed a very significant development since the accession of His majesty Mohammed VI to the throne, and the art professionals need to feel vested with the mission they have been entrusted with, that is to promote our country’s culture and encourage a dynamic art market in line with the international standards.

CMOOA Vente aux Enchères aspires to be among the auction houses whose work helps to promote and make national and foreign talents emerge in our regional sphere.
The ambitious collaborations we are planning to establish with many professionals as well as our next headquarters in Casablanca will allow us to organize international events, in order to show that we are not on the fringe of a history but that we are on the contrary stakeholders and full players in it.

Thanks to the support of AHM Group and its subsidiaries, CMOOA Vente aux Enchères will play the role it deserves, which is to suggest high quality events and serve the people who will trust it.

Transparency, seriousness, rigour and ambition, these are the values of our company at the service of art amateurs and institutions.

Hicham Daoudi